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Guiding Your Axe

Nail a historic pairing

Long live Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges!
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Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges love!

Hello and welcome to guidedaxe.

This is a community for those that are not only fans of the novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith, but are fans of what could considered by some as a closeted main pairing. Depending on how you read the book. :)

Feel free to post fiction, art, meta, videos, fanmixes, or other dedications to the Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges pairing. However, I do ask that you abide by these simple rules. Please make sure to read these rules before joining or posting!

Thank you. :)

    1. Although we are here for a published work of fiction, the book is still based on an actual person. As such, let us please be respectful of that life. By this I mean let us treat certain personal details and Abe's family members with care. As far as Henry goes, let's go nuts.

    2. No fighting or arguing amongst yourselves. Reasonable discussions are highly encouraged, but personal attacks are not. Discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated here. If an issue arises, please contact me, dmitchell1985, directly via my journal profile.

    3. No backseat modding. Again, if any issues arise let me know.

    4. Obvious, but no trolling. The Internet is a huge place, so please find some other website to do this. You shall be banned for this offense.

    5. Please keep all posts and materials focused on the pairing. Crossovers or works that feature either of the men paired with someone else are allowed to be posted here, but the main pairing needs to be, you guessed it, Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    6. Label all stories, artwork, and mature discussions with the appropriate ratings and warnings. Everything posted here can be seen by anyone passing by, including minors. Also, using a header for your works is required. A header should look something like this:

    Title: xxx
    Author: xxx
    Genre: xxx
    Rating: xxx
    Summary: xxx
    Disclaimer: I do not own any canon parts of the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter verse.
    Warnings: xxx
    Pairings: xxx
    Word Count: xxx
    Archiving: xxx
    Crossposting: xxx
    Author's Notes: xxx

    Your header does not have to look exactly like the example I provided. You can change up the ordering and the information you want included with your fics. However, the following information must be included in your header: Title, Author's Name, Warnings, Rating, Pairing(s) (if not Abery), Disclaimer, and Summary.

    7. All long works and pictures larger than a preview (300x300) need to be underneath an LJ Cut. You can find a general guide to basic HTML/LJ coding here. Please refer to the provided guide for instructions on how to do this if you do not know how.

    8. Movie-verse is allowed here. No worries. However, please place movie spoilers behind a cut and label the entry as such.

    9. Have fun. It sounds trite, but we often forget that we are in places such as these to relax and enjoy ourselves. Try not to take things too seriously.

Note: Our current community off topic post is located HERE