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MOD POST: Search for Mods
Amelia Hunting
dmitchell1985 wrote in guidedaxe
Since we're just getting started, I am looking for someone to help me mod this community. I am rather busy in real life, but I wanted this place to finally exist. I was tired of searching but not finding what I felt would be an obvious community for the LJ populace.

So, if you're a fan of the pairing and have a bit of extra time on your hands, feel free to leave a comment here or send me a direct message.



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Hey is this where I show my boobs to become the second mod?

lol Yep! *creeper leer* ;D

Woooooooow. Technically qualifies, even though I already made you a mod.

But boy! What a disgrace! Large breasted women have it hard enough without playing into men's and small-chested women's hands with this bs.

Just wanted you to know what I was working with. :P

I remember seeing that a couple years ago and I seriously do NOT know how she can do that without hurting. Plus how does one actually FIND out that "talent"?

lol ;D

Exactly. I was thinking the same thing. My girls aren't made for that kind of abuse. ;.;

Thing is those are implants so how in the FUCK do they not pop!?

Are they really? They would sit higher if they were, right? *is so confused*

Yeah thats what I thought but on one of the shows she said she bought them.

D: She could have just asked for mine and saved herself some money. lol!

RIGHT!? After E's mastectomy we were like can't you just take some of mine and give it to her? Then we'd both have the boobs we've always wanted. Lol.

:DDDDDD What did the staff say? Because seriously, I hear the same sort of conversation all the time. Hospitals should find a safe way for women to just share the breast tissue and give everyone the boobs that they want.

They said no. BUT she's getting this surgery where they take belly fat to make your boobs. SOOOOOOO in essence she's getting a tummy tuck AND a boob job.

Oh, yes. I have heard of that. My boss' sister had that done, I think, when she had her op.

Meh. Going to bbe leaving for work soonish. Don't wanna. q.q

Work! Booooo. Yeah I got a full day of actually leaving the house to deliver dildos around the city. Lol. *ding dong* Dildo Lady!!!

:D Come to mah haus! You do deliver or state lines, right? XD

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