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[sticky post]Welcome and Basic HTML/LJ Coding Guide
Amelia Hunting
dmitchell1985 wrote in guidedaxe
Welcome to guidedaxe! I hope that you enjoy your stay here. To help you get started, here is a general HTML and LiveJournal Code guide.

Note: Replace all brackets [ ] with arrows < >.

Notes about Usage: You are more than welcome to it if your entries or webpages link back here.

To italicize your wording, use this:

[i]text here[/i]

To bold your wording, use this:

[b]text here[/b]

To underline your wording, use this:

[u]text here[/u]

To create a bullet point, use this:

[li]text here[/li]

  • Example text

  • To create a block of text (see example below), use this:

    [ul]text here[/ul]

      This is a test. This is only a test. You can't take this nifty block of text seriously, because it is only a test. :-P

    To create a link, use this:

    [a href="(full web address here, including the "http://" portion)"]name of your link here[/a]

    To post a picture, use this:

    [img src="(picture's web address here, including the "http://" portion)" Alt="text you want to show up when your cursor is over the picture here"] (< Alt text is optional)

    Lord Voldy!

    To link a picture, use a combination of the linking and picture codes, like this:

    [a href="(full web address)"][img src="(picture's full web address)"][/a]


    To make a bulletpoint, blocked list, use a combination of the bulltpoint and block text codes, like this:


    • One

    • Two

    • Three

    To center your wording, use this:

    [center]text here[/center]


    To make small text, use this:

    [font size=1.5]text here[/font] or [small]text here[/small]

    To strike out your wording, use this:

    [strike]text here[/strike]

    To make an LJ Cut, use this:

    [lj-cut text="(name of your Cut here)"]Body text here[/lj-cut] (< to cut a specific section of an entry or make more than one cut)


    To link to another LiveJournal user or community, use this:

    [lj user="(their user name here)"] or [lj user="(community name here)"]

    dmitchell1985 or guidedaxe

    Note: Our current community off topic post is located HERE.

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    Well, I suppose that I could do an off topic post once per week if there was interest for one. But no on off topic posts in general. I'd liked to keep the community focused on Abery, since there is still so very little of it.

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