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MOD POST: Monthly Abery Challenge -- November 2013
Amelia Hunting
dmitchell1985 wrote in guidedaxe
We're starting the November Abery Challenge a little early, since I will not be guaranteed Internet access while on vacation

For the month of November, our prompt is: What have you (Abe or Henry) most regretted losing?

Many thanks go out to vampireadam for supplying us with our prompt for the month.

This is a reminder that works submitted for the monthly challenge can be anything and any rating. Please tag all posts appropriately when posting directly to the comm.

For those who use AO3, we have a collection available for posting.

Please make sure to post a link to your works (fiction, art, vids, poetry, fan mix, etc.) here so that a master list of entries will exist.

Stay out of trouble!


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