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MOD POST: Monthly Abery Challenge -- September 2013
Amelia Hunting
dmitchell1985 wrote in guidedaxe
Today's the day!

This is the first month that we're going to try out a general Abery challenge. The works submitted can be any length and each person may submit more than one, if they are so inclined. "Works" include, but are not limited to: fan fiction, fan art, videos, mix lists, and other media. If there is a media type that anyone would like listed for these challenges, please let me know.

For the month of September, our prompt is: knives.

Our prompt comes from our very own annachibi. Thank you, Anna!

If anyone else would like to submit a prompt, please feel free to do so.

At the end of the month, all works are due and should be linked to in the comments of this post. A master list will be compiled and posted in GA LJ and crossposted over to GA Tumblr.

Have fun and good luck with your projects. :)

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